What is Web Designer? And UI UX?

While this is not likened to a web developer, several people have often referred to the UI UX [User Interface/ User Experience] designer, as a web designer. After all, they are both designers, right?

In this post, we shall extensively review the correlation between web designers and UI/UX designers. At the end of this read, we shall know if they are both the same or if they differ.

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Who is a web designer?

A web designer is a professional who has understood the appearance of a website from the color palette, typography, resolution, load time, navigation, and other features that sum up how a user interacts with the website. 

Having mastered the art of designing, they can easily help come alive the request of any client for a worthwhile user experience.

Web designing is broad, and over the years has been considered obsolete as a term, especially when it has focal points that have gathered more buzz than its origin. Examples of these are Call to Action [CTA] Information Architecture [IA], and Conversion Rate Optimization [CRO]

Who is a UI designer?

The User Interface [UI] designer is a sub-point under web designing where this professional focuses on how the interface of a website appears. 

The interface is a specialization of web design pakistan that focuses on the controls people use to interact with a website or app, including the icon displays and gesture controls.

Who is a UX designer?

While this also falls from web designing but centers on the experience of the user/audience when interacting with the website.

People have come to understand that web designing has gone beyond providing service and leaving the process of how the customer navigates to their intellect. Now, when designing an application or website, the user’s experience has to be wholly considered. This UX [User Experience] designer ensures that your whole journey is with ease whenever you access the website. This helps reduce bounce rate, ensures there is a CTA and has higher chances of conversion among others.

Is UI UX the same as a web designer?

No, they are not the same. While they are related and overlap from time to time, they are different in their core values and area of focus.

In conclusion, web designers may be the general term ascribed to those who ensure how the website appears, however, the UI/UX are focal points under web designing that have become independent arms to web designing.

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